Custom Edible Print – 7″ Heart


Design your own edible image, we will print & ship it to you or you can pick it up at our store.

Choose from wafer paper or icing sheets. Wafer paper is somewhat rigid and will hold up to placing straight up in frosting and will not droop. Icing sheets taste like sugar and are flexible but are not rigid when removed from acetate backing and are best used on flat surfaces. Either will work as drink toppers, though the icing sheets might add sweetness.

Any image can be printed, what ever you decide you need on Edible Paper.
Absolutely anything can printed onto your edible Paper, as many images as you wish, no limit.
Full sheet images might have a thin area that will not print on the margins due to printer settings. If the image on the margin is important for you, resize the entire image and leave a 1/8″ margin all around the page.
Make sure you use high resolution images, as low resolution images stretched to fit will look pixelized.
The design platform will save whatever you have designed. Make sure you are satisfied with the result of your design. No refunds or exchanges will be made due to faulty design.
As soon as we receive your order it will be printed on a top quality icing sheet or wafer paper.
Shipped with protective measures to ensure freshness.
We reserve the right to refuse to print offensive/pornographic images your order will be cancelled and refunded, non-negotiable.


Is the Edible Paper suitable for Vegetarians?
Yes, the Icing Sheets and the Wafer Paper we use are suitable for Vegetarians.
Are the Icing Sheets Kosher?
Yes. The Icing sheets and Wafer Papers that we use and the ink are Kosher.

All Toppers are printed on a solid sheet and need to be cut out. We find the precut sheets are not true to size, hard to print right and lesser quality so we prefer to use a higher quality paper over convenience. We have used the same high-quality paper for over 10 years that our customers expect. Unfortunately, it does not come precut. They can be simply cut out with a clean, dry pair of scissors. A scrap book cutter for the smaller images works great also, if you have one in that size.

Can I cut the Icing Sheet?
Yes of course! Your Icing Sheet is attached to a plastic backing sheet, you can cut the sheet to size using scissors whilst it is still attached to the backing sheet, or if you’re using a plunger cutter, remove the icing from the backing sheet then use the plunger.
Wafer Paper does not have a plastic backing, and can be used as is. They can be simply cut out with a clean, dry pair of scissors. A scrap book cutter for the smaller images works great also, if you have one in that size.
What can you use Edible Paper for for?
Icing Sheets have so many uses! You can use them: 
As a wrap around the side of a cake (One letter sheet cut in half lengthways is usually enough to cover the circumference of a 6-7″ cake) 
Print an image as the top of your cake (Family picture, Team logo, etc.)
Print characters or other images, place the sheet on rolled fondant and cut the fondant with a knife. Place a skewer into the fresh fondant and leave to dry. After a day you’ll have a great topper to place on your cake. 


How do you use Icing Sheets

Icing Sheets are supplied on a plastic backing sheet. To use the sheets, gently peel the icing from the backing sheet. We recommend placing your icing sheet onto a fondant covered cake for the best results.
Wafer Paper does not have a plastic backing and can be used as is.
The sheets can be used on other types of icings (butter cream, Swiss meringue, etc.)
We recommend using, edible adhesive, piping gel or pasteurized egg whites. Use water as a last resort, as water might damage the sheet.
How long will the icing sheet or wafer paper last?
Icing Sheets and wafer paper are all printed to order and will last at least 6 months if stored correctly, inside a air sealed Ziploc bag. Over time, you may find the color deepens and the sheets become slightly firmer
How should I store my Icing Sheet or wafer paper?
Your Icing Sheet will be posted to you in a sealed bag and envelope, we recommend keeping your sheet in the bag and envelope in a cool dark place until you wish to use it. Exposure to heat and light may affect the quality of your print. Do not allow your print to get wet – the image is printed onto the surface of the icing and will smudge if it gets wet. If you plan on using the sheets a week or more after you receive them consider placing then into a double Ziploc bag. 

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