About us

My beginnings in the world of pastry-making go back to my childhood, in my grandmother’s house, where there lived all kinds of delicious scents from chocolate, vanilla and banana cakes, apple rolls, biscuits of various shapes, homemade breads and a host of unmatched sweets whose tastes and aromas I will never forget. My grandmother taught me how to make many of the sweets that I am still making today, but above all she taught me to put love into each one of them. This is the secret ingredient of our work.

I have lived and worked in different countries, in different jobs and in several businesses. Although my studies are not related to the pastry world (I studied Business Administration and completed an MBA in Human Resources), I can say that, in almost 20 years of working life, I have never felt so satisfied, motivated and proud of my work as I do now. The moment when I deliver the finished cake is one of the most gratifying moments in my day, and I look forward above all to seeing the face of the person the cake is made for when he or she lays eyes on it for the first time.

Cake decoration is an art. It is not just the art of baking and delivering a tasteful cake, it is every element used in the decoration. Every finished cake has undergone a process of sculpting, painting, modeling, and airbrush painting. But even if you don’t think of yourself as an artist, when you learn the techniques that professionals use, you can gain confidence and make beautiful cakes of your own.

My cake decorating phase in life began in Spain several years ago, where shortly after opening my business, custom designed cakes became popular for just about every event and venue. Mia Cake House is our latest project and has brought my family and I to Florida. Our atelier is a place of training, where we teach the art of cake decorating to beginners and professionals alike. Here, you can learn basic cake art or attend a master class given by cake artists from around the world. I love watching the growth of students in our classes as they surprise themselves with their own abilities.

As our cake supplies and classes business grew I found myself with little or no time for myself and my family. After years of designing and decorating hundreds of cakes I have decided to take some time off the amazing art. You can still enjoy my work here.

Inspired by our two beautiful children, Mia and Dan, we have also decided to open our atelier to parties and camps for children, so that we can share with everybody the passion of this art. Children are natural confectionery artists – they are mesmerized by the process of baking, they love the tactile elements in painting and decorating cakes, and they are never afraid to try new things.

Our shop carries a great variety of cake decorating supplies, where you can find whatever you need for your next great cake. So, I invite you to come and visit us in our atelier. Or, you can find us on our facebook page, where we post updates about our latest works and current activities. With love, Sheila