birthday_MiaCakeHouseSAt Mia Cake House, we love inviting children to create m
asterpieces in our atelier. Children’s eyes sparkle when presented with the bare canvas of an undecorated cake, or the ingredients to measure and churn into delicious cookies. Birthday parties at Mia Cake House are lively, joyous events where young artists can unleash their creativity through the tactile mediums of flour, sugar, and a rainbow of fondant, sprinkles, and glitter!

We offer a variety of packages to fit the age and individual personality of your child. We can accommodate up to 20 guests (for children 8 and older) – numbers are limited so that we can give personal attention to each child.

We are located in a central plaza, easily accessible from Dade and Broward with lots of parking space.
Parents’ presence:

For older children (ages 9-15), parents’ presence is optional and welcome. For young children (up to 8 years old) we require that each child have an adult present. We find that parents enjoy staying during parties for our younger guests. You can assist your child in the tasks we are performing, and share in the fun!

[one_third class=”” last=”no” ]Cupcake Baking Party baking-party Invite up to 18 children for this Cupcake Baking Party. Our staff will explain and show the techniques and tools we use in our bakery. The children will form teams and use all the tools and supplies. Kids will work together to measure, mix and bake delicious cupcakes. . Guest will eat their cupcakes at the party and each child will take home 4 cupcakes that they have baked and garnished Minimum age: 10 years old[/one_third] [one_third class=”” last=”no” ]

Cupcake Decorating Party
Invite up to 20 children for this cupcakes decorating party. Each child will decorate 4  cupcakes using creative, expert techniques that we will teach them! We will use professional cake decorating tools, sugar paste, lots of sprinkles and our imaginations! Guests will take home their decorated cupcakes after the party.

Minimum age: 5 years old
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Cake Decorating Party
Invite up to 14 children for this cake decorating party. With the help of our staff, each child will decorate his or her own personal cake! We will use professional cake decorating tools, sugar paste, fondant, and creativity. We will also prepare 3D figures (bear, hippo, cat or mouse) to be our cake toppers! Everybody gets to take home a cake.

Minimum age: 10 years old[/one_third]



Each additional child – from $30 up to 20 children (17 children if the children are 8 and younger)
* An automatic 15% gratuity will be collected the day of your event.
* Price does not include Florida Sales Tax



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